Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit


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Thomas Keating has spent more than fifty years in sustained practice and devotion to the spiritual life. The results of this creative, humble activity are now summarized in this remarkable book, Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit.

As Father Keating says, the spiritual journey is a gradual process of enlarging our emotional, mental, and physical relationship with the divine reality that is present in us, but one not ordinarily accessible to our emotions or concepts. The spiritual journey teaches us, first, to believe in the Divine Indwelling within us, fully present and energizing every level of our being; second, to recognize that this energy is benign, healing, and transforming; and third, to enjoy its gradual unfolding step-by-step both in prayer and action.

The contents include:

  • The Divine Indwelling
  • The Fruits of the Spirit
  • The Gifts of the Spirit
  • The Gift of Reverence
  • The Gift of Fortitude
  • The Gift of Piety
  • The Gift of Counsel
  • The Gift of Knowledge
  • The Gift of Understanding – Part One
  • The Gift of Understanding – Part Two
  • The Gift of Wisdom

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