Centering Prayer Presenter Formation Package


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Guideline Package
for offering the Presenter Formation for Centering Prayer
in a one on one face to face setting


This package consists of the following digital materials (passwords assigned upon purchase):

– One file containing the Guideline Booklet – available to the Facilitator and may be viewed and/or downloaded to a computer.

– Four (4) video files of the Four Conferences of the Centering Prayer Introductory Program which can be viewed by the Facilitator and the Participant as often as needed. The video files will only be available for 6 months.


This package is to be used by a Commissioned Presenter, serving as a Facilitator, who will be facilitating one Participant through the Presenter Formation for Centering Prayer.

The package is purchased by the Chapter for the Facilitator’s use in planning and facilitating a Presenter Formation for Centering Prayer with one Participant in a face to face setting. The chapter can set a fee to be paid by the Participant to cover expenses, including this Guideline Package.