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Posted by ktahimsa_gmail_com on March 12, 2023 at 4:34 pm #133824

I felt called by this sentence from this week’s reflection:

“By habit we return and return to the wells we know, but by awakened choice we can open ourselves to living waters that carry us beyond the well-worn ways of thinking and being. ”

I’ve been guilty of staying in my comfort zone–thinking of myself as holding enlightened attitudes, but when someone is expressing anger, I tend to shut down and keep silent (and stop listening). Especially if I’m the person they’re angry with! But recently I’ve found myself more willing to listen. I try to understand. And even if I can’t understand, “just listening” seems to help. We think listening is too simple–it’s not a “solution”–a bias from our quick-fix culture. But if we listen, we’re saying “I’m willing to be with you in this.” Everyone needs to feel heard. It’s a powerful act of love.