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Posted by Adeline Behm on March 4, 2023 at 2:19 am #133537

The image  is speaking into my life this Lent , two bird like winged creatures, rather like the Hindu Kundelini (feminine awakening figure). Facing the image,  the deep brown bird-like creature seems dominant  facing the white creature where there is splash of yellow light ensconced in red burning embers. I turn the image 180 degrees. The white bird-like creature is dominant, yellow flame illumines the beak, the ember have burst into intensity burning the beak of the dark brown bird. splashes of yellow light  wash this white creature,  lower left a woosh of light like the thrust of an airplane. A significant encounter Thursday where the interplay of yellow light ( the kind I have been seeking all my life) and the deep crucible of fiery  intensity( the kind I have always avoided) came together. Wordless except for: ” the flame that burns the ego and enables to pass from fearful fragmentation to fearless fullness….) Both flame and fire encircled the discernment. We know in the marrow of our bones, we are on the path and the flame of courage in our bellies. I bow in humble gratitude for the fasting of my heart. I give over ownership to the ONE to whom it belongs.