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Posted by Kathleen M. Kelly on November 22, 2022 at 12:12 pm #129475

can feel Christ in me, not so much in my messy life in which unconscious forces are revealing themselves, seemingly non stop, but in gracefilled moments. Yesterday, I walked into a clothing store and wondered aloud to a clerk about the amazing pallette the display served up. I told her about Henry, my late art teacher, and how the last time we were together, he was pointing out a landscape in the distance with layers of colors from front to back, cooling as they receded. The colors in the store as they were arranged were like that. The clerk beamed and told me she designed the whole store her self and arranged everything that was for sale. Christ showed up big time.

The other times are like the other night, when I was on my way to my neighbor’s house (bringing dinner). I don’t register God’s presence so much in the gift, although the neighbors were beside themselves with joy. It was the blowing snow from a blizzard we were in. I stood in wonderment. Such a thing I have never seen! Little tufts of snow rushing past, diamonds shining forth in the greyness. Wow. I am in my third day of trying to recreate this on paper.

When I first read the post, I couldn’t see how Christ manifested in me at all, because of recent negative interactions. Then it came to me that for me to maintain awareness of my faults and the roots of them going way back into childhood, is my way of being the crucified Christ.

Right now, I look out at the St. Lawrence River and Brockville across. Bright pink sky at the horizon, blue above and pink and blue water! Holy moly! Christ outdoing Christself!