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Posted by linda rhead on August 18, 2022 at 7:01 pm #127429

Sunday August 14: Worth the Risk

“For the wounds that bring us to a place of unknowing…

Nurture of our many villages…
healing that comes in unexpected ways…thanks be.”

Barbara Holmes’ words speak encouragement in this new yet familiar place of unknowing, living with a recent autoimmune diagnosis and treatment “tweaks”. I am planning a retreat for one of my villages, knowing healing for all will come in unexpected ways. I do what I can daily, thankful for temporary restrictions of energy and thought in order to just be, to live in awareness of my wonderfully knit body. The knitting has had a few dropped stitches over the years. My body and I are picking those stitches up and slowly mending the holes formed. Thankful, too, for this online village. Amen. <3 linda