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Posted by tomagness22_yahoo_com on June 27, 2022 at 2:26 pm #125407

As I was making my bed it struck me how doing ordinary things, the things I’m supposed to do each day, is God-like. This ensued, in poetic prose, due to format issues.

God Is

The farmer, the baker, the housekeeper, the maid, the people behind counters and cash registers and all human service jobs. The dishwashers, launderers, lawn keepers and gardeners. The plumbers, tailors, scientists, computer programmers, garbage disposal people, ditch diggers and the dead. Taxi drivers, Uber drivers, pizza and grub-hub delivery people. Nurses, doctors, hospital and home health aides and the sick & elderly who depend on them. Mathematicians, politicians, theologians, mystics, soothsayers, naysayers, baseball players and worms. In Cyberspace, outer space, inner space and green space. And pets, even pet rocks. In music, thunder, noise and the roar of silence. In baby’s cries, bowties, insufferable heat and air conditioning. In quarks, molecules, atoms and matter.

God is – creator, sustainer, maintainer, redeemer of all life, seen and unseen. The cosmos, the universe, the multiverse, bad verse and vice versa.

God is more me than I am.