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Posted by Kathleen M. Kelly on May 16, 2022 at 12:54 pm #124261

usually, the tuesday group cp and lectio anchors me for the week. but this one , read just this morning, dovetails with my morning reflectios. my husband and i went to visit our son and family. i felt unwell the whole time, even into this morning and i am my symptoms are connected to a lot of anger over the behavior of family members. it is only recently that i can access the bodily feel of anger and name it (long time coming, i turn 77 tomorrow). so i sit here this morning, tempted to complain to other familly members to byoass my anger, try to lesson the reaction in my body.

but, for goodness sake, why? better to feel what is mine  to feel.

over the years since i committed to 2ce a day centering prayer, i have also educated myself about compassionate listening, am training to accompany others in biospiritual focusing (a source of the welcoming prayer practice), studied the discernment process, and have 45 years, give or take, of therapy and spiritual direction.

yet, it is still so hard to choose rightly. (sigh)