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Posted by linda rhead on May 15, 2022 at 9:27 pm #124253

Sunday May 15: How to Love

How am I called to practice loving someone difficult or different from myself? I include the third strand from Leviticus 19:18 to the cord: love myself. I can easier love God and neighbor before I love myself. It wasn’t until I began to truly see myself as beloved of God and love myself that I was able to begin to think of how best to love opponents.

My first step is to bless them (Pierre Pradervand’s for example). For example, USPS has misdelivered three packages in the past two months to unidentified addresses other than mine. I’ve blessed the recipient in their integrity, financial security, may my parcel be a blessing to them, etc. Blessing eased my annoyance.

Last night at dusk a young man delivered one of the parcels to my front porch and left. Gratitude and more blessings pour onto this unknown opponent. I’m blessing the postal service employees before I go to the distribution center to inquire after the other two parcels. It is a very small gesture with great healing power. Let us pour love’s energy into our hurting world. <3 linda