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Posted by Adeline Behm on April 26, 2022 at 10:44 pm #123533

“Abiding in my I AM this week, I recall a foundational experience, some 50+ years that pops into my awareness. In guided imagery God was like a huge prairie willow on the edge of a prairie slough. Now a slough is a land indentation where melted snow collects in the spring and often dries up my July. Among the natural prairie shrubs that spring up here are our prairie willows. All those years ago now, when prompted, in reply to the question, where/who are you, I was a very small willow, so very close to the big willow. Here I know I am safe, thrive. Abiding in my I AM experience this week, I am totally  emmeshed in the big willow, the big I AM, that is my little<i>  I AM that I am</i>. Here I am safe, protected, one in union with my purpose as it is is unfolding in the plan of the big I AM. (Imagine the print of my I AM is very very small with respect the print of the big IAM; in fact, I am connected with many so many other little I AM’s in the big I AM. The color is varying shades of green; other little I AM’s are a rainbow arrange of color.