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Posted by Susan Kenney on April 13, 2022 at 12:49 pm #123082

Comment from Linda:  “Release myself into the Silence until the particularities of all can be acknowledged  “. The cries of the stones have become deafening. The armies of Putin add atrocities on top of atrocities. Here in Sacramento – while the community is mourning the deaths of six people – city crews remove 30+ people from am encampment. Most of them had nowhere to go. I find anger rising up, particularly at city officials who just days ago held candles in the darkness. Now, during a cold snap and during Holy Week, they destroy people’s property, evict them and erect a fence around the former camp. Reminds me of the fence our pastor erected in front of the church steps, blocking access to a place that had been a safe haven for many. The stones rattle in my head. So, I go into the silence, underneath the clamoring and crying and screaming. The silence embraces it all and I need do nothing but be present.