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Posted by Kathleen M. Kelly on February 11, 2021 at 7:47 pm #111816

thank you Pamela, for guiding us through  lectio divina on our zoom meeting tueday. like so many things….reading about how to do it is miles away from knowing from actually doing it(with modeling).

How am i being acted upon? im letting myself not know… to be with the not knowing , eschewing closure ( letting it go) While having a couple of rough days, I resisted  the urge to tell a story about my afflictive emotions or to try to understand the other person as if they were an object. i committed to not analyzing myself as if i were an  object. i intend to witness the mystery of people , and only going forward with probing if i am given clear guidance.

grasping power is a trap. Agency is another thing…available while staying conscious of God.

Failure is a gift.

smiling with this acceptance.kathy