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Posted by Frances Ayres on January 31, 2021 at 2:46 pm #111602

In the Meditation Chapel and in this group, we speak, sometimes, about the connection, the energy, that is created when we meet together on Zoom. I sensed that connection this morning very deeply as I sat in my chair for prayer, meditation and sacred reading this morning. In a book of lectionary readings with additional excerpts from learned and spiritual leaders, I read the very prayer of Barclay’s that is quoted in this week’s Word of the Week. As I turned to this page to comment, I read Carolyn’s post. I am going through CO’s book on discernment, and there was Carolyn’s comment about using that practice. I am so grateful this morning for Spirit’s connecting energy that flows wherever and whenever we are open to it. Groups of people who share centering prayer together in these groups are connected!