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Posted by Kathleen M. Kelly on November 15, 2020 at 4:42 pm #109701

well , yes. centering prayer for years now, i listen to carl arico’s prayer on tthe app , ending with “responding to God’s love  for us moment  by moment by moment by moment”..

at the beginning of Advent last year, i decided that i would let God tell me in each  moment what to do, instead  of depending on habitual sequences of thoughts, emotions and actions. at first, it seemed like i was flinging myself from pillar to post. it was a perfect set up for what was to  come in march of this year. i had to give up my precious open studio and all my friends. most dont use a computer(not advantaged).

now i find myself choosing  to slow down on a massive  scale. i had minor surgery  a few weeks ago that has been slow in healing. in trying  to “do”a lot, including reaching out to others, i had a day full of minor accidents at home involving reopened wounds . i didnt really believe old age was really in the cards for me. but alas, it is here. my husband fell and threw out  his back on the same day. how humiliating. how appropriate. how i need to let go of that protestant ethic of always  having to produce something, in  my mother’s words “earn my bed and board.”

so i am on that thomas merton train : “lord, i have no idea where i am going…”