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Posted by kaethe_p_msn_com on October 6, 2020 at 11:43 am #108928

We are traveling, I will miss our weekly sit again tomorrow. I have taken this 40 day task to heart. I looked up the lamentation psalms, and cross referenced them to psalms used at one of my post-intensive retreats. Like Linda, on Sunday I chose Ps 12 using Nan Merrill’s  Psalms for Praying, which is well-worn, sitting next to my chair.  Published in 2000, most likely prayed over and written in the decades prior. The words of this psalm are so on point for today. This psalm is on the list to be read during a 10 day intensive.
Ps 12 Come to our aid, O Beloved!
darkness seems to pervade the earth;
Where is the faith, the integrity
that once lived in the hearts
of your people?
Where is the truth, the trust
that made its home in us?
O Love, cleanse us from our double talk
Create in us new and single hearts,
Spare us from those who think,
“Our speeches will win over all.
Words are our weapons;
No one can master us!”

“For the hearts of those who call to Me,
For those who cry out for wholeness,
I shall now make myself known,”
says the Beloved.
“ I shall make Myself known in their hearts.”

The promises of Love are pure,
like silver refined in a crucible,
like gold purified seven times.
Be our safeguard, O Blessed One,
Stay close by throughout these dark days
where unloving hearts seem to abound.
Come to our aid, O Beloved!
~ Nan Merrill, Invitation to Wholeness