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Posted by Adeline Behm on September 1, 2020 at 9:58 pm #108244

Today the world day of  prayer for the care of creation begins here in Canada, The Season of Creation from September 1 to October 4. Elsewhere?

Teilhard’s mystical prayer all those years ago has a decided reverberation today: “Lord lock us into the deepest depths of your heart and then, holding us there, burn us, purify us, set us on fire, sublimate us, till we become utterly what you would have us be, through the annihilation of all selfishness inside us.”

Last Sunday Jeremiah avows: It becomes like fire burning in my heart, imprisoned in my bones; I grow weary holding it…I cannot”

So, I join  in solidarity with all the Teilhard’s and Jeremiah’s in the world today.