Latest Past Events

Advent Centering Prayer Retreat

St. Mary's Sewanee: The Ayres Center for Spiritual Development 770 St. Mary's Lane, TN

This weekend retreat will focus on how Centering Prayer can heighten one’s understanding and appreciation for the season of Advent. Centering Prayer is a form of Christian silent meditation where one lets go of thoughts during periods of prayer typically lasting 20 minutes. It is rooted in the self-emptying love that forms the heart of


Nine-Day Intensive and Post-Intensive Retreat

Mercy Center Auburn 535 Sacramento Street, Auburn

This retreat offers three tracks simultaneously: Intensive I, Intensive II and Post Intensive. For everyone, there will be three sets of two 30 minute periods of Centering Prayer daily. Intensive I and Intensive II will watch video talks from Fr. Thomas Keating’s Spiritual Journey. Intensive I focuses on “The Human Condition and the Spiritual Journey”.


Six-Day Centering Prayer Retreat: Intensive & Post-Intensive

Claggett Conference Center 3035 Buckeystown Pike, Buckeystown

The retreat will provide an opportunity to deepen one’s practice of Centering Prayer in an atmosphere of profound silence and community support. All participants observe silence from the opening to the closing of the retreat. The Intensive and Post Intensive tracks share the same schedule of several hours of group Centering Prayer daily, with one