Session Three – Grounding the Prayer of the Cloud with The Prayer of the Heart

Rochelle Blumenfeld, Core, 2014

“God breathes us out that we may love and act with kindness,
and God breathes us in that we may rest in fruition.”
– John Ruysbroeck


“What a wonderful insight into the unitive dimension of life that we’re riding on the breath of God — we live and move and have our being in this divine mystery of God. And we’re riding on God’s breath so to speak. God breathing us into life, into the world. God, out breathing us to love and act with kindness. … We dwell in God’s breathing in the world and it’s this unitive experience and insight and living reality that I believe is the answer towards my day-to-day navigating the difficulties and the ordinary challenges and the joys and the connections of life in this era. Centering Prayer is the resting and fruition. Heart Intention is the out breath into the world to act with greater love and kindness in a unitive experience of what contemplative service is — meditative action which is being present to the Divine in life and other people and being in that divine interconnectivity more and more.”
– David Frenette, in this week video teaching


Welcome to the third and final session for this Heart Intention self-guided e-course. This session contains the following components, all found below. Begin again with viewing the two teachings videos, then review the supporting information.  Then you may wish to practice along with the practice session video.

Session 3:

  • Videos
    • Heart Intention Practice: Meditating with Body, Heart, Mind, Being (about 22 minutes) with transcript.
    • Heart Intention Practice for Everyday and the Apocalypse (about 24 minutes) with transcript.
    • Recorded practice session 3 with Q&A (unedited, 90 minutes) with transcript.
  • Supporting notes

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Heart Intention 7: Meditating with Body, Mind, Heart, Being; David Frenette, 21.75 mins.


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Heart Intention 8: Heart Intention for Everyday and the Apocalypse, David Frenette, 24.25 mins.


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Heart Intention 9: Practice Session 3 – Grounding the Prayer of the Cloud with Prayer of the Heart, 54.9 mins.


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