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Heart Intention Practice E-Course

The world is rapidly changing. Heart Intention is a contemplative practice that, with Centering Prayer, helps us respond to the new challenges we are facing. In Centering Prayer and Heart Intention, two great streams of Christian contemplation – the Prayer of the Cloud and the Prayer of the Heart – meet, in service of an integrative approach to meditation on and off the cushion. This course is for anyone looking for ways to meaningfully integrate their Centering Prayer practice into daily activity and contemplative service.

Heart Intention is a contemplative practice that:
* lets intention and meaning flow into our lives;
* integrates the receptive simplicity of Centering Prayer with a nuanced practice that is embodied, engaged, and that embraces our humanity;
* helps us act in our challenging world from a heart more present to God.

This three-session self-guided e-course is mainly offered through recorded video teachings and practice sessions, along with some written resources.

You can sign up for this e-course below to gain access to all course materials.  It is offered freely and we appreciate any donations to support the program:

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