16: The Human Condition: The Evolutionary Model, Part 2-Continued

Séraphine Louis, Tree of Paradise 1925

From his fullness
we have all received
grace in place of grace.
– John 1:16


Who are you? That is the great question of the second half of the spiritual journey. … Our experience of life on the ordinary psychological level is normally one of being dominated by external events and our emotional reactions to them. Some of this is conscious, but much of it is rooted in the unconscious.

” … To bring oneself to nothing – no-thing – is to cease to identify with the tyranny of our emotional programs for happiness and the limitations of our cultural conditioning.

“The ultimate abandonment of one’s role is not to have a self as a fixed point of reference; it is the freedom to manifest God through one’s own uniqueness. … For Christians, it is to be a kind of fifth Gospel.

“If we have not experienced ourselves as unconditional love, we have more work to do, because that is who we really are.”

– Thomas Keating, The Human Condition

A Meditation

Beloved said,
‘My name is not complete without

“I thought:
‘How could a human’s worth ever be such’?

“And God, knowing all our thoughts — and all our
thoughts are innocent steps on the path —
then addressed my

“God revealed
a sublime truth to the world,
when he

“‘I am made whole by your life. Each soul,
each soul completes

– Hafiz, cited in Daniel Ladinsky, Love Poems from God

To Practice
  • View the video excerpt “Human Evolution,” from God is Love: The Heart of All Creation and turn your gaze to the highest reaches of human evolutionary possibilities. This segment is about 10 minutes long.
  • Enter your inner room and reflect: Through the eons, through all creation that has ever been, from every possibility, all learnings and all experiences, to this very moment, you are the evolutionary culmination of all creation that has ever existed. Can you sense wonder and reverence at your very human-divine being with all its potentialities in Christ?


“Human Evolution,” excerpted from God is Love: The Heart of All Creation, 10.4 mins.
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"Human Evolution," excerpted from God is Love: The Heart of All Creation, 10.4 mins.
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