God’s Texting Us

Journey to Oneness are wisdom words from Fr. Thomas Keating spoken during the filming of his last DVD series That We May Be One in July 2016. Some are included in the series; others are from footage published here for the first time. A new word will be posed every Monday throughout the year. May they serve to inspire hope and lift your heart.

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In the Body of Christ, as Paul says, there’s no good, better, and best.  Everything is important. You can’t say you don’t need some part of it. Everything human is God texting us. And the senses, you might say, every one of them, are means in which God is communicating new truths, new aspects, showing his love and so on. Or, inviting us to transcend some of our limitations, and so he’s very much … has not only his fingers, but his whole being, you might say, focused on us, as if we were the only creature there was. Love is infinite.

So, the present moment then, you might say, is the computer that God is always texting us. So, if we think we’re alone, we’re mistaken. As long as you have your cell phone on, you’re in touch with all the world—it’s a good symbol of relationship, because in relating to God, you’re relating to everything that he made and everything that he made is good. This is the kind of conviction or conceptual background that we need to insist upon over and over again. It’s being in the presence of God and being able to stay there and love being there, while submitting to the difficulties and duties or what happens at the same time.

Dios Nos Está Enviando Un Mensaje De Texto

En el Cuerpo de  Cristo, como dice Pablo, no hay partes buenas, mejores y óptimas. Todo es importante. No podemos afirmar que hay alguna parte que no necesitemos

Todo lo que es humano es Dios, que nos está enviando un mensaje de texto. Y podríamos decir que cada uno los sentidos son medios por los que Dios nos comunica nuevas verdades, nuevos aspectos, mostrándonos su amor o invitándonos a trascender nuestras limitaciones. Y por lo tanto, Dios tiene, podríamos decir, no solo sus dedos sino todo su ser enfocado en nosotros, como si fuéramos las únicas criaturas que existen.

El amor es infinito. Podríamos decir que el momento presente es la computadora por medio de la que Dios nos está enviando mensajes de texto. Si creemos que estamos solos estamos equivocados. Mientras tengamos un celular con nosotros estamos en contacto con todo el mundo. Este es un buen símbolo de la relación, porque al relacionarnos con Dios nos estamos relacionando con todo lo que ha hecho, y todo lo que ha hecho es bueno. Este es el tipo de convencimiento o de marco conceptual en el que necesitamos insistir una y otra vez. Es estar en la presencia de Dios y poder permanecer en ella, y amar el estar allí, y a la vez enfrentar las dificultades y deberes que al mismo tiempo ocurren.