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Posted by Kathleen M. Kelly on January 24, 2021 at 2:44 pm #111414

i just want to put this down while i continue to reflect. that image is intriguing , if not soothing.

the second reading from today is about time running out, about being married , doing this thing or that as if we aren’t . to me , it means standing a bit away from the (problematic ) other and me , the church  and me, all my projects: practical , intellectual and even spiritual. Living tentatively, playfully, holding lightly on the steering wheel of my day.

i am so appreciative of how the few of you who post here….your contrbutions…. reflect years of silence deep within , joined with your engagement in ordinary life. such a collection of misfitting puzzle pieces  this life is for me, and that is how it is supposeed to be! only God  is able to make sense of the mess that is me and this world. It feels kinda comfy with Him incharge.

There is a letter to the editor in todays paper that i wrote…pretty much pouring out my heart about being our best selves. What the heck. it  cant hurt to try.